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ValueCharts Options
Do you want to be able to track opportunities for trading in Options for Stocks for multiple equities and multiple timeframes without having to scan through hundreds of charts? Have you wished that you were notified that a stock was beginning to make a move, and you could have jumped on it? The Options on Stocks SignalFeed will alert you to potential trading opportunities for many of the most active Optionable Equities.__By subscribing to the Options on Stocks SignalFeed, you will be alerted when these potential Option trading opportunities develop. We cover multiple trading strategies: Price/Momentum Divergences, Value CandleStick Reversals, and Trend Following trades. We utilized both Directional Puts & Calls as well as Credit Spreads. Alerts will be generated opportunities for Intraday, Daily, and 1-3 Day trades. Let our technology do the work for you.__Tracked Stocks : GOOG, APPL, AMZN, SBUX, NFLX, CRM, LNKD, GS, MA, V, NKE, FB, CSCO, ORCL, YHOO, AMD, EMC, XOM,LVS, GM, WMT, HAL, BAC, ODP, PFE, GE, JPM, WFC

ValueCharts Futures
Gain access to Mark Helweg's and Thomas Wood's trading signals and commentary and take advantage of opportunities in Gold, Soybeans, Crude Oil, and many other futures markets.__Signals will be based on the new ValueCharts trading indicators, next generation MQ indicators, and proprietary trading technology. Exit logic and stops will be based on proprietary trading strategies and indicators.

ValueCharts FOREX
Want relevant, up-to-the-minute trading signals? Do you want to get a leg up on the market but don’t have the time to read all the news and commentary floating around, let alone have the time to watch every market? You don’t have to Gain exclusive access to Nate McGee’s FOREX trading signals as they happen! You get a firsthand look at all of the important things that happen in the currencies market - directly to your desktop. Signals will be based on an in depth technical analysis approach, along with the new ValueCharts trading indicators and the next generation MQ indicators. Take advantage of having your own, personal FOREX Trading Specialist. Whether it’s the Majors or the Crosses you will get expert commentary, proprietary trade strategies, detailed outlooks, and more.

Littlefish FX Signals
Our market-leading trading systems have been developed and honed over several years. Through a combination of automated systems, finely-tuned strategies and pro trader analysis, we have delivered consistent and successful returns on the systems that we are delighted to offer via SignalFeed straight to your desktop.

Among those you will have direct, up-to-the-minute and exclusive access to will include the star of our show, the RTAS Order Book System. Automated and run by the Supercomputer we lovingly call Marvin, our RTAS System provides a view of how Retail Traders - some of the most unprofitable traders in the world - are positioned in the market.

Combined with its own strategy, the LFX trading team have seen increasing profits over the two and a half years they''ve been using it, and we''re finally ready to open up hourly analysis through SignalFeed. It''s time to share Marvin with the world...

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Our Pros have appeared in: